Seems like we live in a very arid climate here in the mountains, yet the air and surfaces in your bathrooms can still be prone to mold growth.  The most common source of mold in your home is your bathroom because moisture problems lead to mold growth.  Small leaks in water pipes, toilets and showers are especially troublesome because, with poor ventilation in these small spaces, mold can grow quickly.

Shower and bath humidity problems in your bathroom, if not ventilated properly, can also lead to allergic reactions and respiratory ailments.  It’s important to install and maintain a clean ventilation fan in these areas.  A properly operating fan will greatly control mold growth and moisture issues.  Always run your fan when using cleaning products as well.  These chemicals from some cleaning products can also irritate the eyes, nose and throat so your bathroom fan might just keep you safe from more than just mold.

Have your fan inspected and keep it clean to greatly increase its efficiency.  Keep an eye out for even the smallest of leaks or water problems and call us at 970-337-9443 to help with installation of new water tight fixtures, properly sized ventilation fans and repairs of any size.


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